IKTVA Exhibition January 24th to 26th

We’re happy to announce that we will be present at IKTVA trade fair in Dhahran from January 24th to 26th.

This presence is the result of a fruitful collaboration initiated with Saudi Aramco in 2019 and of our recent joint collaboration on establishing the NonMetallic Association in Saudi Arabia.

Program :

  • Meet us on our Booth (booth details)
  • BoB meetings with local companies
  • Conferences the sectors trends, challenges & opportunities
  • Workshop with local and international players

We’ll be happy to count on you ! Please contact us !

We’re aware of the current sanitary situation and the travel limitations: an online resitution workshop will be organized February 2nd 2PM

NMMA Focus Groups Kick-off

34 participants from 6 countries gathered to shape the services of the NMMA

The NMM Association has been launched in 2021 to promote and advocate the transformation and diversification of the NM ecosystem in SA and the GCC, and to encourage a collaborative business environment. The association will promote NM technologies as sustainable alternatives for conventional materials.

In the process of establishing Saudi Arabia Non Metallic Materials Association and in order to define the services to be provided to its members, French, SA and international players have been consulted and gathered for a get together event.

December 1st the online Focus Groups Kick-off gathered 34 participants from 6 countries (Saudi Arabia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and France). Companies, Universities, Research centers were represented.

The initiative received a warm welcome among the international ecosystem and has been a great opportunity to bring them together for a presentation of the NMMA and to invite them to join the Focus Groups of their interest. During the Focus Groups, the participants will work together on shaping the services to be offered by the Association. 5 Focus Groups will take place by mid-January, 1 per service line.

–        Training & certification will

–        Innovation & Technology

–        Advocacy & Thought Leadership Program

–        Business Intelligence program

–        Networking & Events 

Innovation & Technology clearly stands out with 22 attendees willing to work together on this Topic. Business Intelligence and Networking & Events come second ex aequo with 11 votes followed by Training &Certification 9 and Advocacy & Thought Leadership Program 7.

This first meeting bringing together key players of SA and the international ecosystem was a great success. The participants showed great interest and a strong will to work together. A very promising start for an Association on the making.