Our vision is based on 3 strategic pillars :

  • Innovation & Technology
  • Sustainability & Circularity
  • Support for the local ecosystem

Innovation & Technology :

  • Facilitate and encourage innovation activities
  • Emphasize the importance of innovation and technologies
  • Facilitate Association & Hub members interaction with KSA industrial programs

Sustainability & Circularity :

  • Promote NM materials as a sustainable resource opportunity to minimize carbon footprint
  • Encourage local NM industry to align with Saudi Vision 2030 of environmental and natural resources preservation
  • Establish an operating model and working groups addressing circular economy in the NM industry
  • Address global concerns with regards to plastic pollution

Support and promote local ecosystem

  • Provide services to support industry operating across the entire value chain in the region and globally
  • Recognize the vital role of SMEs in the long term success of the NM industry
  • Support increasing SME and industry contribution to GDP, in line with Vision 2030 goals
  • Support the growth of SMEs in regionally and globally